About Us


Although our company is a new company operating in the food sector, it is progressing step by step to be a pioneer company in the sector and to be one of the leaders of the leader with its organic natural products and to carry its name above the leading companies. First class machines are transported and processed in a way to protect the packaging without touching human hands. Our company has been prepared and made according to the standards of the ISO certificate.

Our Vision

As Tunatat, our goal is to bring our products made with organic natural ways to the table. Natural products, natural flavors, delicious table flavors and our most important goal is to produce healthy products.

Our Mission

As Tunatat, we believe that our mission is to add new products to our existing quality products and to rehabilitate the existing ones in a way that will provide even better quality and taste parameters. For this purpose, it carries out research and product development activities required by the age with its technical staff within tunatat. Among the R&D activities carried out, diabetic Jam, Halva, Cocoa Cream, lemon sauce, pomegranate old sauce, etc. Our aim is to offer people healthy, natural and high quality new products.

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